Company Name Interceptor Inc.
Location 〒153-0063 Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Meguro 2-10-8 Atmosphere Aoyama 3F
CEO Genta Tamaki
Established Date August 29th 2016 (Founded in 2010)
Capital ¥1,000,000
Business 1 Planning, production and sales of video and audio software
2. Compact disc software, the development of digital video software, production
3. Studio management
4. Planning of a home page of the Internet, production, management and consulting
5. Utilizing information communication systems such as the Internet, mail order, the software planning, production, business related to the sales
6. Translation business
7. Video relay services business in the mobile communications
8. Broadcasting in the uplink and downlink in a satellite communication, communication business services
9. Satellite relay service in ship communication
10. Video content program in a broadcast communication, broadcasting and on-demand broadcasting business services
11. Rental, sales and maintenance, maintenance services of communications equipment and systems, as well as video equipment
12. All business incidental to all items
Main trading partners Nippon Television Network Corporation, Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Fuji Creative Corporation, Ltd. BS-TBS
Ltd. Shueisha, Tokyo Theatres Co., Ltd. Shinegurio,
Ltd. Studio Hibari, Ltd. HALF H · P STUDIO,
FM Inter-Wave Co., Ltd., Pony Canyon
EMI Music Japan Co., Ltd. Creek and River Co., and others