Genta has a solid background in film production that began while he was still in high school. During the this time he built up extensive experience and knowledge in radio and television direction as well as editing and finishing. During his time at Niigata University, he decided to drop out in order to focus on the film production opportunities at hand.

He has worked very closely with Japan’s Blackmagic development team helping to improve features and identify bugs in Da Vinci Resolve color grading software. Occasionally he also gives seminars as a qualified Da Vinci Resolve trainer.

Work experience

Shinji Aoyama’s ‘Backwater’ , ‘Saijou no proposal’, ‘Shokuzai no Sonata’ (editing and grading)
Masanori Tominaga’s ‘Kona Otona no Onanoko,’ ‘Pandora’s Box,’ ‘Vengeance Can Wait’ ‘Me o Tojite Gira Gira’
‘Rolling’ (editing and finishing in charge)
Masaharu Take ‘Hundred Yen Love'(colorist)
SABU’s ‘Happiness’ (editor)
Darren Lynn Bauzuman’s ‘Crow’s Blood’ (DIT, colorist)

For other titles please see the works page.